Iza + Kamil | Their Story London
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Wedding Video London | Iza + Kamil

Through seven years of WhiteStory existence I wrote many blog posts. Therefore Most of them were about wedding photos. This time we would like to present wedding video london.  Also Many of them were long, telling the story of their heroes. Today i want you to put out the light, held hands and finally moved to London with us into the world of Iza and Kamil …

As a result this is what they have said each other:

“It was supposed to be a regular evening – party with friends. We had met in place in which none of us had been before. I saw you for the very first time and I know that I have to ask you for a dance.”

“I was to dance with you only one time, but we spent many hours laughing and dancing. There was something unusual in it, it was so natural, so light as we know each other for many years.”

“We have met in the worst moment. Nobody said it was going to be easy, essentially I belived that we are going to make it.”

“I remember one day you said that you must go abroad. For me, it was beggining of an end, however everything ebded well. Love can move mountains the real relationship is full of challenges, sometimes they are very uneasy and we have to deal with it.  It seems to me that this is the most beautifull issue. It gives you motivation and the joy of continual getting know each other better. ”

WhiteStory presents Wedding Video London

“Their Story London” WEDDING VIDEO BY WhiteStory
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