Techno wedding in a tent | Krista and Kyle | A wedding video full of positive vibes
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  • Techno wedding in a tent | Krista and Kyle | Positive wedding video
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Techno wedding in a tent | Krista and Kyle | A wedding video full of positive vibes

When we knew that our couple is planning a wedding reception in the tent in the rhythm of electronic music, we did not hide our satisfaction – at such a wedding, it does not often happen, right? We love our work because it gives us the opportunity to meet extraordinary people on our journey, whose story we can tell you later! We were curious about what will happen to us, and we were even more curious about the idea of getting married in Poland. But maybe from the beginning ….

Krista and Kyle are a couple of Americans who live in Chicago on the daily basis

They travel a lot around the world, but Poland has become their dream place for a wedding! Although Kyle has Polish roots, he does not speak Polish either, nor has he ever been here before. Everything changed their holiday in our country, in which they fell in love with Poland completely! The landscape was very different here from the climate they have in their hometown of Chicago … For a long time we know that the Polish village has its own unique atmosphere, and if there is a magical manor house in it – a miracle! A lot of greenery, away from the city noise …. And there are plenty of such beads!

However, to organize their unforgettable and beautiful wedding, they decided to take advantage of Ola and Piotr’s help from What a Day! They only knew that they wanted to get married in July, and the most important “YES” of their life they want to say in Krakow or the surrounding area … They also wanted it to be near a castle or a mansion … And so after searching for the perfect place stood at the Manor in Sieraków! Undoubtedly, it is a charming place, especially for people who surround themselves with skyscrapers and live in a big American city! They were delighted with it! In our opinion it was also a hit! Many people dream about their American dream, and for them their dream has been fulfilled in Poland 🙂

The wedding took place outdoors near the gazebo, in a beautiful hot July day …

We loved how the guests expressed their emotions, joy, delight. They did not feel embarrassed for a second, they were natural and spontaneous! It was evident how quickly they found themselves in the surrounding landscape, even though it was also unusual for them. Almost all of them came especially from the USA, in fact people who spoke Polish could count on the fingers of one hand. So it was a wedding in an American climate, but among Polish nature. An interesting mix that perfectly harmonized with each other.

A party in a techno tent, or a party of life ….

Unusual and original! Newlyweds are music lovers in this style, so the whole event was based on trans, house and electro. It was an important element of the wedding. Of course, there were lasers and lots of positive vibrations! We felt like having a good party with friends, and this is a wedding! Despite such loose music, the party was very elegant thanks to the combination of gold and greenery.

At the tent, guests could relax in the chill zone. It took rest after such energetic music and dancing to the sun! Full of fast rhythms and electronic energy! Good fun, drink, food and music, and to laugh with good friends and family – a beautiful celebration!

It was a crazy day full of wonderful events, emotions, love and fantastic people. For this extraordinary wedding party in the tent, which can change the look of many people on this type of party. According to us, everyone should follow the heart and organize such a wedding, which he dreamed of for a long time! Electronic music fits here perfectly, because she was the passion of the Bride and Groom, perfectly expressed their emotions and joy. And that counted!

We are happy that we could participate in this wedding, the result of which is the wedding video, which we invite you to!

And what day do you dream about?

Techno wedding in a tent | Krista and Kyle | A wedding video full of positive vibes

location: Dwór Sieraków
WhiteStory: wedding videographer and wedding photographer