Magical Wedding Venue Sokolnicki’s Fort | Monika + Bogusz | Wedding Video
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  • Magical Wedding Venue Sokolnicki’s Fort | Wedding Video | WhiteStory
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Magical Wedding Venue Sokolnicki’s Fort | Monika + Bogusz | Wedding Video

Fabulous wedding, which filled with all its splendour the Sokolnicki’s Fort of Warsaw Citadel, was an extraordinary experience for all of us. The wedding ceremony and reception were both magical and stirring. The surrounding atmosphere made us feel special and everything came out perfectly in this happy and friendly vibe. Loved ones, beautiful place, good music and fine cuisine are success to a perfect wedding since always. This magical wedding venue was marvellous, elegant and what’s more, the modernity was fusing here with history. It is hard not to mention the adorable glazed ‘heart’ of the Fortress that makes the courtyard, but we were enchanted with the whole place anyway.

Would you like to see this beautiful place?

We would like to invite you for a little ‘journey’ around the wedding video.

But first….  few words from us…

Inspiring Interior of New Fortress

 Sokolnicki’s Fort Art Center, where the wedding reception took place, is located in the beautiful Stefan Żeromski’s Park area at the Warsaw Żoliborz. Without any doubt the location of the building is one of its assets, because the ideal location at the green and quiet Żoliborz allows for a faster and easy access to the city centre. The fortress has a rich history, which dates back to mid XIX century. Fortress at the start – the defensive tower was part of the Citadel and currently this enormously attractive building complex is now one of the favourite spots on the map for Żoliborz inhabitants. Apart from the history, the Park also has a great influence on the uniqueness of the place as it makes it magical regardless of the season.

The fortress, which has been restored with the greatest care for every detail can be adapted in a unique way. This place allows to create any form of style and design which can therefore reflect the couple’s perfect wedding dream. This historical, XIX century construction has a courtyard covered with a glass roof, which offers enormous space for realization of all kinds of wedding plans. This place is a wedding venue, a banquet hall, a gallery, a theatre, a cinema, a concert hall and a restaurant all at the same time. We were happy to show the entire beauty of this place in our video.

The decorations were in perfect harmony with the interior, and they were in…

Art Déco Style

Rich and classy. Scattered light by sequins, and flowers hanging down like feathers. This is the whole essence of the Art Deco wedding, which thanks to its old-fashioned style has timeless character. The beautiful, all shiny and well-fitted Monika’s dress, perfectly reflected the wedding atmosphere. The vintage elements revealed in the modern form may have resembled the „The Great Gatsby” movie.

Decorations and even the smallest detail – all these elements and many more contributed to the unforgettable day of Monica and Bogusz. They have reached their goal and organized the celebration in the dreamlike style, creating a wedding of the 1920s.

How did they do it?

Wedding consultant – Dariusz Zwadowski

 Everyone wants their wedding day to be unforgettable and special. With help comes the wedding planner who always keeps an eye on everything. Dariusz Zwadowski and his agency perfectly understand their client’s needs and the effect of their work is always at the highest level. Creativity and perfect flair for organizing the magical wedding venue – this defines a good wedding consultant. As always we would like to say many thanks for a successful cooperation and we are glad to show the final effect in the wedding video.

Love. Vibe. Magic!

You have to watch this video!

Wedding Video: Their Loving Road To Eternity – Magical Wedding Venue Sokolnicki’s Fort

Wedding Venue: Fort Sokolnickiego
music: MUSICBED written by Welshly Arms – Legendary

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