Serena + Kamil | My heart beating, my soul breathing
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International wedding video My heart beating, my soul breathing Serena + Kamil

Love is the unfathomable mystery. Love is an adventure and a journey lasting a lifetime. It has been known that can do everything. Can connect beyond all borders. It makes that we say beautiful words to each other. We would like to invite you for a wonderful and magical international wedding video, where you will meet Serena and Kamil. Thanks to them we could find among the full happiness that shine them brightly. The whole aura of the day was amazing and unforgettable. It is wonderful, how international weddings combine two contrasting, seemingly very different cultures.

The uniqueness of the love that connects each couple is their speeches to each other during the wedding reception.

It is always very exciting, sometimes funny, but also very emotional moment. We are pleased that we can capture those moments. In the wedding video you can see the sparkle in their eyes, the admiration. Our couple are wonderful people. The smile that accompanied them in the morning, did not leave them for whole day. It was also a day full of impressions and emotions such joy and crying – the whole mix of positive feelings.

Despite the fact that it was an international wedding,

we saw very warm and family atmosphere. Even though we got into the mood, and made to feel part of this family. Such weddings can unite cultures and people become true friends.

Serena, in her spectacular wedding dress looked stunning.

Together with Kamil they created fantastic and coherent whole. You can see that they have put a lot of attention to detail and decorations, because everything was polished and thoughtful. It was very special and important day in their life, especially as the very religious couple having strong relationship with God. This bond very strongly emphasize their main path, which they follow.

The beginning of their remarkable love story perfectly describe words of the song called “Touch The Sky”.

Come sweep me up in Your love again
And my soul will dance
On the wings of forever
We let ourselves to quote lyrics in the title of this post.

Do you want to get to know this sensitive, exciting and inspiring couple? We invite you to watch this international wedding video, which certainly will be long remembered. Such magic does not meet too often.

WhiteStory presents international wedding video

“My heart beating, my soul breathing” international wedding video by WhiteStory

Cover photography by Marcin Sośnicki