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Destination Wedding Video Kasia + Jarek

A sea of love, that is a destination wedding video burn out with the sun … Today we would like to tell you a sunny story of Kasia and Jarek, who invited us to picturesque Portugal. This was another wonderful couple, who we had a chance to meet. Furthermore a lot of emotions, remarkable views – it’s only a grain of impressions …

You will surely be delighted with this story painted with light – full of subtlety, harmony and closeness, which along with an orange colour of the Portuguese sun creates an unusual atmosphere. Love proves that words are unnecessary to show happiness, calmness and warmth.

On one hand we will show you a nostalgic walk to the wonderful, yet slightly harsh coastline of Portugal in the region of Algavre, and on the other hand we will show you Porto, a colourful, vibrant, charming and characteristic city, that you can fall in love with. It is here where the time flies differently. A number of interesting and enchanting beauty spots, interesting people, beautiful tenements – all that makes it impossible to resist such place. The combination of these two places led to the beginning of a unique story, which brings marvelously romantic emotions despite the passing time.

The most difficult thing is to capture some kind of intimacy and mutual relationship, however each time we try to do the impossible. Did we manage? You have to assess …
We are in love! With Kasia, with Jarek, with Portugal!

As a summary there can be three words: the cosiest, the most intimate and the most sensitive …

WhiteStory presents Destination Wedding Video

Destination PORTUGAL
April 2016
Music by musicbed written by Random Forest – Iowa
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