Una storia di Venezia | Ewelina + Mateusz
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  • Destination Wedding Italy Venice | Una storia di Venezia | WhiteStory
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Destination Wedding Italy Ewelina + Mateusz

As a destination wedding videographer I invite you for a sunny outdoor wedding session in Venice, and then into the beautiful Dolomites, and the charming vineyard in Trento called Cantine di Moser. Ewelina and Mateusz invited us to their destination wedding in italy. We guarantee that the views are breathtaking and leave us speechless . . .

The scenery along with such a wonderful pair forms a harmonious whole.

Their wedding video is as much impressive – their face were beaming with smiles. This couple has shown that they do not know what stress is!
It was a family and warm atmosphere, but also exciting and very inspiring.
The wonderful essence of the story is their engagement session that perfectly harmonizes with the whole.

And it all started 6 years ago from an extraordinary new year’s Eve at the Kraków Opera. While opening a bottle of champagne they did not yet know that they will want to spend the rest of their life together. The fact that complements their love is that they soon will be parents! We are delighted to be able to continue this remarkable story with them, since happy parents have invited us for a session with tummy. Congratulations!

WhiteStory presents Destination Wedding Italy

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Destination VENICE
Shoot in SEPTEMBER 2015
music by MUSICBED written by A.Taylor-Treeline at Night