Wedding in Arłamów Hotel | Ania + Wojtek | Imagination With no Hesitation
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  • Wedding in Arłamów Hotel | Ania + Wojtek | Imagination With no Hesitation
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Wedding in Arłamów Hotel | Ania + Wojtek | Imagination With no Hesitation.

The magic of a wedding video is that it takes us back to the moments of our lives, which we wish to enjoy once again. We now would like to bring our memories to an amazing place called Arłamów Hotel where the Polish-American wedding reception took place that will definitely stay with us for a long time.

If you are curious why, then we invite you to go through this journey together…

So lets move now to the area of Arłamów Hotel. It was here where Ania and Wojtek took their vows on the terrace, in the surrounding of vivid and breath-taking scenery. It has been a wonderful ceremony that was full of happiness, emotions and touching atmosphere, which was enhanced by a professional musical accompaniment.

Fabulous Arłamów Hotel and Perfect Wedding

A classy and stylish wedding, the luxurious Hotel at one of the most beautiful venues in Poland. It’s all surrounded by a wild nature of Bieszczady. Everything was prepared with the greatest care, garnished with the best decorations and accessories with loads of attractions in addition to that…. The attention to detail was visible with a naked eye. The guests could definitely feel welcomed and the couple satisfied that they were experiencing the most important day of their lives in such atmosphere.

The Hotel, apart from its amazing location and beautiful interior also offers SPA. The guest’s reviews about their stay were simply stunning. There are no doubts that staying in Arłamów Hotel is worth every price. Also there is no wonder why Lech Wałęsa himself often visits Arłamów. This is one of his favourite places of rest.

But not only the location itself made this evening amazing and unforgettable.

What else impressed us?

Unforgettable Evening Surprise – Tomasz Karolak with his band “Pączki w Tłuszczu”

Mentioning the attractions it is hard to forget about the unusual type of music provided by the band called “Pączki w Tłuszczu”. Together with the band leader Tomasz Karolak who is know by most people mainly from the TV series “39 i pół” ( 39 and a half). It was a perfect reference to age of the groom who at the day of his wedding was actually 39

It was indescribable to hear the band songs live. They so far could only be heard by us on youtube or radio. Certainly it was an unforgettable evening for the Couple as well as for all guests. They could dance to music hits such as “Tylko bądź” (Just Be) or “Zabiorę Cię” (I Will Take You).

While everyone was busy having fun, there was someone who watched over every detail… guess who…?

The master of organisation – Wedding Consultant from

Everything came out perfect thanks to one of the best wedding agencies in Poland – who as promised in their name made this day so beautiful. The cooperation with consultant, Anna Grzegórska was a great pleasure and inspiration for us. The organisation of such a wonderful wedding wouldn’t be possible without her for sure.

We are very glad that we were able to work among such professionals. First and foremost we feel honoured that both Bride and the Groom invited us to this place so that we could share this moment of their life together.

With great pleasure we “Catched the Moments” inside the emotional wedding video we proudly present and invite you to watch!


Wedding Video: Imagination With no Hesitation – Wedding in Arłamów Hotel
Wedding Venue: Hotel Arłamów
music: MUSICBED written by Gyom-Soar
WhiteStory: wedding videographer and wedding photographer