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destination wedding photography
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We invite you to continue the adventures with Kasia and Jarek, we remain with the hot climate and colourful Portugal. There are such feelings that you can experience again and again, thanks to immortalizing them in photos. We record emotional moments and moments of happiness, we save beautiful places and details, we capture everything beautiful happening between people…

Sometimes there is really a lot of sun light and it gives opportunity to see the world in colours different than usually. One thing remains unchanged regardless of the weather – the colours of feelings of couples that are in front of our lenses. We would like to present to you a dose of subtlety, which shows our couple during the outdoor photos.
Kasia and Jarek is such a couple. They made this outdoor wedding photo shoot so wonderful and emotional. We were enchanted by the delicacy and romance of this wedding session. Sun-kissed skin, light wind and hot air – all this you can feel in this beautiful reportage, that you are welcome to watch.

Let me get you in this incredible journey and check out the results of our work, which is our great passion at the same time.
Because every moment is worth to be immortalized, and we love doing this. Check it yourself!

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Destination Wedding Photography Portugal | Kasia + Jarek

Destination Wedding photography in Portugal
Destination: Porto, Algavre
Wedding photographs and wedding video: whitestory.co.uk

Destination Wedding Photography Portugal – Whitestory