George & Portia and their heaven on the Earth !
beach wedding
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You know what? I will tell You a secret! . . . Life brings me a lot of happiness and a smile on my face!
After a very busy and successful wedding season together with Madzią we took the map and suddenly we set our eyes on only one place! It was a bean-shaped tiny islet named BORACAY in the heart of the Philippines.

The time from buying the tickets to the departure has passed very quickly (probably because of numerous activities involved in creating Your whitestory  ), until finally the wonderful and blissful period of our vacation came. For the place to spend our 10 night-long holidays we chose a traditional, placed among hypnotizingly swaying palms, Filipino hotel this time named Fridays;). It was an exceptional place, heaven on Earth, where the crystal clear water met and inherently harmonized with probably the most beautiful sunsets in the world according to many reviews of travel guides!

It is the place, which attracted many newlyweds who first dreamt about their wedding and then changed their dreams into reality.

We present to you George and Portia- nice Philippine – American couple who enabled me to meet my professional dream, giving me the opportunity to create their whitestory . . .

Destination Beach Wedding Photography Philippines | George + Portia

Destination: Philippines
Wedding photographs: Maciej Olech

Destination Beach Wedding Photography Philippines – Whitestory