WhiteStory means wedding photo and wedding video

We are a group of young, ambitious and creative friends sincerely dedicated to our passion, which you will discover travelling through our photo collection. We invest in our development boldly undertaking new projects. Being a part of any wedding reportage we are entrusted with, we want to aim directly into our joint success, and transform fleeting moments into long-lasting stories. Our reportages are made up of moments. Small ones. Large ones. Some of them are happy. Some are emotional. Some tend to be grand and quiet at the same time. Looking at places which are not obvious, we try to capture the best moments.
We are looking for them in the trees, alleys, the wind, touch, eyes, whisper, reflections.

Will we create your story?

Maciej Olech
The founder of WhiteStory. Initiator of self-fulfilment of his and his partners’ dreams. A connoisseur of shoes, watches and a lover of good coffee beans. Constantly visiting different corners of beautiful Poland and Europe during your outdoor photoshoot. In winter, a citizen of the world in his travels. In love with the speedway, motocross, and his photographic journey of life.
Krystian Kisielewski
He was the first person in WhiteStory to say the word VIDEO. GlideCam operator, editor and a creator of the best frames, which can be found in our portfolio. Shots taken without a stand are his specialty. A geodetic surveyor by profession. He graduated from a music school, thus music in our films is always carefully chosen and with the sophistication matched to the dynamics of the frames....
Dawid Rychel
He has post production of photos in his blood. He was born in 1988, so as unofficial version of the Photoshop 0.07 (Bond version). He earned Master degree in Computer Graphics. Always focused. His eagle eyes allow him to spot the smallest details of your wedding day. He's also interested in Webdesign.
Eva Vons
Interested in the world and cultural diversity. She satisfies her curiosity by travelling alone. Loves minimalism, harmony and aesthetics. She is open-minded, full of ideas and joy. She has an original look at the perspective of surroundings and its character. As she says: "A good photo is a consequence of the invincible observation of frames, lights, feelings and emotions."
Krystian Cach
GlideCam Operator, licensed operator of a Drone, editor. He is always experimenting, searching for the best editing solutions. A technical maniac. Thanks to him your wedding videos are full of freshness. All this is a consequence of his creative thinking and a large number of electronic gadgets, that he gathers. He is passionate about fishing and the classic automotive industry.