PHOTO BOOK is a modern form of the traditional album for people who appreciate simplicity. Perfectly suitable for both rustic and ECO weddings. Timeless solution with a warm finish of the fabric. We try to prepare projects of photo books in a very simple and lucid form, which is designed to emphasize the beauty of your photos. Photobook spreads are printed on high-quality thin paper, which gives you the opportunity to create a project up to 120 pages / 60 spreads..

Photobook cover

WhiteStory - Oprawa Fotoksiążki

Photobook window

WhiteStory okienka fotoksiazek

Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums is directed to customers looking for the traditional form of the album in an elegant edition. Pages of the photo album are made of thick paper, which creates flat spreads. As a result, the left and the right page form integrity, without hollows and seams, and each page is individually designed by us. Photos are developed on the silk photo paper and very thoroughly and carefully pasted on the thick pages. Photo album gives us the opportunity to create a project up to 70 pages / 35 spreads. The cover is made of leather or eco-leather. We encourage you to complete the window with line Acrylic Prestige which inspires and delights in every detail.

Photo Album cover

WhiteStory oprawa fotoalbum

Photo Album window


Photo Album extras


WhiteStory Package

We want to offer you our works in a light ECO form. In a wooden box you will find the memory stick –  a practical photo device as well as photo copies, which we want to give you as a gift. They are developed on silk paper and they are characterized by excellent color reproduction.

Whitestory Wedding Albums