Dominika + Michael | Can’t stop loving you
vineyard wedding video
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Vineyard Wedding Video Dominika + Michael

Imagine a beautiful and picturesque Austrias vineyard. It was there, just after a wedding in the climatic church took place reception of our wedding couple. Floating smell of fresh air, remarkable views … and for that wedding atmosphere! Dominika and Michael decided to spend their special day in beautiful, magical vineyard in Freigut Thallern. We are pleased that they invited us to spend time with them this unique time. As a result, we were able to immortalize in the form of a vineyard wedding video fleeting emotions, moments and gestures. After watching the destination wedding video, our bride and groom may feel as though once again re-experiencing this day.

Dominika and Michael

were very inspiring couple, were smiling and calm, and also classy. We invite you to watch this wonderful wedding video, which, we hope, gives at least some of sensations and emotions. We always try to look at both as a whole and pay attention to small details, because they create the atmosphere and without any wedding video would be without a soul, and the proper atmosphere. When you watch this movie, it for a while you will be able to move in this picturesque land. Remember, love is sweet!

WhiteStory presents vineyard wedding video

“Can’t stop loving you” WEDDING VIDEO BY WhiteStory
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