Magda + Artur | …and there was a hot sun in their hearts
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It was an amazing day – full of fun, nerves, but also filled with a lot of sincere smiles and happiness! The weather on that day didn’t spoil us, but who would care about this, while having a loved one next to oneself? From the sky poured rain, but in the hearts there still was the hot sun!
Modesty, class, chic and elegance, but also energy and joy – so you can describe this wonderful couple!

Well selected accessories, all forming a beautiful whole. And then they totally in love with each other. Wrapped in lace Magda and with beautiful long veil she said Artur sacramental ‘YES’. We love this amazing moment! The wedding was very atmospheric, full of laughter and the magnitude of emotions . . .

It was energizing – such conclusions can be drawn from happy faces of the partying guests. We are pleased that we were enabled to witness this great fun. Hot, crazy, wonderfully chaotic, sincere, full of love, with an unforgettable event, with lots of young people with positive attitude. This was their wedding. This is for us an extraordinary pleasure that we could be right there and with these people.

We are content when a couple comes out with the initiative of place for the open-air wedding photography and you can see that it identifies with it. The location depicts to a large extend the temperament and character of people, that we have the pleasure to photograph. Thanks to the fact that they have inspired us for the place of outdoor wedding photo shoot, it occurred to be very honest and so theirs.
Magda and Arthur chose the Palace in Siary, charming and historic place, surrounded by a beautiful park.

Dear Magda and Artur, thank you for your trust, an avalanche of energy and joy that accompanied us with you.

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Wedding photographs of Magda and Artura
The place of wedding photographs: Palace in Siary
Wedding photography: