Irmina + Artur | On my mind | A huge dose of emotion and spontaneous smile
destination wedding
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A huge dose of emotion and spontaneous smile. Tears mixed with laugh. The wedding was like a fairy tale: Greek ceremony on the terrace with view on the picturesque bay. The sun’s rays, the close ones … and the love. The love that has been expressed by the words of their vow. Minimum words, the maximum content. Modestly, romantic, classy, simply, and with an enormous amount of real affection …

The reception took place in climate Greek restaurant with an open roof at the stars, where we all had a great time. We will never forget such a wonderful mood, which started already after our arrival. Newly weds were for us very kind and treated us like each of their guests. Just for such moments we love your work, because we feel a part of your history!
All unforgettable moments we capture in form of a beautiful wedding video, and now we present result of time spent with Irmin and Arthur.
Finally we invite you to wonderful Santorini, which smells feta cheese, wine and above all –smell of great love! Here is a wedding video, which will definitely arouse in you even a hint of emotion.