Kate + Takuma | Into Your Heart
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International Wedding Video Kate + Takuma

Pastel elegance belongs to classic interior of Palace and Park complex in Ostromęck also thousands of origami expands its beauty. In addition it was filled with the sound of the most sophisticated notes of classical music associated with our national treasure – Chopin. International wedding video as a result combine tradition with the temperaments of the two countries. Therefore Kasia along with Takuma present You Polish hospitality combined with the Japanese attention to details. Consequently we hope that the mood of this story will influence you as well!

Takuma said:

“On behalf of my beautiful wife, now wife Kate. We would like to thank you all for coming here today and to share a special moment with us. We have family and friends from all corners of the world here with us today and we are truly privilege that have you all around with us.

And for that moment on i knew you were special. I’ve enjoyed every moment together since then and you become a part of me that I cannot live without. And I’m truly excited to be able to call you my wife, and to be able to spend rest of my life together”

Into Your Heart . . .

WhiteStory presents international wedding video

“Into Your Heart” wedding video by WhiteStory
destination OSTROMECKO