Chrissy + Daniel | More Than Happiness
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Chrissy + Daniel | More Than Happiness


They appeared and made Cracow to enchant us with its beauty. They showed that the family love has unlimited power, which pulls on the heartstrings. Their love and a true, authentic joy of that day emanates mostly in this beautiful and touching wedding video. Delicate, gentle people, keeping their eyes fixed at each other — and what’s more their little, but very involved in the preparations children. Beautiful and fulfilled family all together. After all, what could give more happiness than spending time with people you care about? The wedding day of Chrissy and Daniel sealed their love and their lives. Numerous guests have proven how close they want to be to our couple and came to Krakow just for them. Surrounded by old tenement houses, one of the largest town squares in Europe and the beautiful old church of St. Barbara. Rustic atmosphere, in the manor in Tomaszowice, the reception lasted until the morning. Amid loud music, dancing on the dance floor, talks and toasts — all focused attention on the newly-weds. Daniel with his speech, tugging at everyone’s heartstrings, showed how much he loves his wife Chrissy and how important this day was for him. And we are happy along with them!